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Paintings by Sharon Korman

A Tree Stands Alone Substance and Shadow creates a dialogue between the world as we see it and the world as we feel it, between reality and fantasy, between the material and the spiritual, between that which is passing and that which is eternal, and ultimately between the profound Chinese philosophical concept of yin and yang, the dynamic interaction of opposites at the heart of the universe. Korman’s paintings are ominous and disarmingly fantastic with the faces of women emerging from or imprisoned in trees, young girls in a dense forest alone at night, a night sky in motion as clouds sail across the moon, and while they reverberate with echoes from fairy tales there is at the same time a sense of real observation of nature. In Korman’s hands, the contrasting worlds that she gives us in her paintings do not collide but ebb and flow and ultimately blend into what may be a parable about the place of human beings in the universe.

A Tree Stands Alone, 18" x 24"

Night in the Woods (detail)

Night in the Woods (detail) 30" x 40"

Silence (detail) 14" x 18"

Silence (detail)
The Woods (detail) Sharon Korman began her career in 1987 with classical training in watercolor under the tutelage of Lei Yu, the celebrated Chinese watercolorist, founder of the Hong Kong Watercolor Academy, and co-founder of the Shanghai Watercolor Society. In 1990, Korman continued her education at the National Academy of Design where she studied life drawing and oil painting with several prominent artists, including Gary Faigin and Jacob Collins. Since 1994, she has been a member of the Advisory Board of the National Academy of Design Museum and School of Fine Arts. In April 1999, she was also elected to the Council of the National Academy, which is its Principal Governing Board. Korman is a member of the New York Artists Equity Association, Washington Art Association in Washington, CT, and the Allied Artists of America. In 1998, Korman was designated as the artist in residence at the Masterworks Foundation in Bermuda where she taught classes.

The Woods (detail) 24" x 30"

Night Sky (detail) Exhibitions: China 2000 Fine Art, NYC, September – October 2004; Works Gallery, NYC, May – June 2003; China 2000 Fine Art, NYC, February – March 2002; Works Gallery, NYC, September 2001; Works Galley, NYC, July, August, November 1999; Terrace Gallery at the Dockyards, Bermuda, April 1998; Risley Gallery, Litchfield, CT, January 1998; Paris, New York, Kent Gallery in Kent, CT, April – May 1997.
Collections: Masterworks Foundation, Bermuda Bermuda Heritage Museum.

Night Sky (detail) 30" x 30"

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