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Woodblock Print on Silk
PR-2: Woodblock Print on Silk
Artist, Li Tang (Song dynasty)
Title, Fishing by the Lake
Medium, Watercolor woodblock printing on silk
Painting dimension, 9.5 (W) 9.875 (H) in. [24.1 (W) 25.1 (H) cm]
Overall dimension, 19 x 13.5 in. [48.2 x 34.3 cm]
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This is a reproduction of the famous Song dynasty painting by Li Tang (李唐). The detail of the painting is preserved by the Chinese traditional woodblock printing technique. RongBaoZhai (A stationery, calligraphy and painting shop founded in 1672 in Beijing, China) further developed this technique in 1896. This 1950-60s woodblock print is probably made by RongBaoZhai.

The original painting is in the collection of The National Palace Museum.