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Nishi Seiun (1881-1963)
Artwork Image
A folding-out album titled Yoshin (Spritual Cultivation養神), mounted with 100 tanzaku-form (poem paper) colorful sketches in ink and color on paper, painted in the style of the artist Qi Baishi, consisting mainly of flowers, poems, birds and landscapes of China, including Choko (The Yangtze River), spring wind, a radish and red peppers, lotus flowers and a fisherman on a boat, all signed Nishi Seiun / Shanhai Nishi Seiun / Shanhai Hekiso Nishi Seiun except for one, all with seal Seiun, majority signed with a second seal Tozan; with chitsu outer cover.

Artist Bio
Nishi Seiun (1881-1963), original name Nishimura Wasaku, was born in Oda City in Shimane prefecture, Japan. He moved to Kyoto where he studied Nanga (Southern school of Chinese painting) under Yoshitsugu Haizan (1846-1915) in Japan. In 1914, Nishi went to China to study painting. First, he studied with Qi Baishi, after he met Wu Changshuo (1844-1927), he moved to Shanghai and studied with Wu and Jin Qingyuan. In 1930, he found the Shanghai Nan art studio. In 1946, he returned home after the war, and continued painting. In 1958, he painted a mural at the Chofukuji temple in his hometown.